Amanda writes in An Open Letter to St. Vincent de Paul
Dear Monsieur Vincent,
I feel that I should begin this letter with an introduction, but I believe you already know who I am. Or at least I hope so – I hope you hear all those times I whisper under my breath “oh, Vincent de Paul, pray for me!” Serving with the poor can be hair-pulling frustrating sometimes – but you know that and inspire me to continue on anyway. …

PS In her blog Amanda describes herself as 25 years old. A proud Baltimorean. Teacher. Theology nerd. Bolivian at heart. Bilingual. Catholic with a passion. Prepostulant with the Daughters of Charity.

Further thoughts…

  • How many of us have been as relaxed and transparent with Vincent, Louise etc. to write as Amanda writes?
  • What do you think Vincent might be saying in response?

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