It depends!

Here are some words of wisdom from a long time Non-profit activist, Jayne Cravens.

The primary goal of a nonprofit, NGO, government agency or mother mission-based organization in using Twitter isn’t for its messages to go viral (to be retweeted/resent on a massive scale)

Whether or not your organization should invest in using Twitter or another microblogging platform depends on just two things:

    • the audience you are trying to reach – is that audience on Twitter or whatever microblogging platform? Is that an audience you don’t reach any other way? Or is it an audience that would like to receive your messages via Twitter or another platformin addition to already being subscribers to your email newsletter, your blog, etc.?
  • what information you want to receive – are organizations and agencies you want information from posting such information to Twitter that you aren’t already getting by liking them on Facebook or subscribing to their email newsletter? Or is the information something you want to receive daily, even immediately?

From a fine piece on microblogging for Non-Profits by Jayne Cravens.

Should individual Vincentians embrace social media? In the spirit of the above post, it depends.

What factors influence your use or non-use of social media.

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