dc-seal-color“It’s the start of a new month and the DC’s  international site has been updated. It’s now in 6 languages & has 2 new pages,” writes Maureen Tinkler DC who provides a quick guide to the changes.


1. HOME PAGE http://www.filles-de-la-charite.org/en/
Visit the media box showing a YOU TUBE film
Reflect on the quote of the week
Read the Focus On slot about the new 350th anniversary logo  etc
Click on the orange RSS feed button and get notified when the News has been updated
2. PRAYER CORNER http://www.filles-de-la-charite.org/en/prayer_corner.aspx
A lovely prayer presentation on the resurrection

3. NEWS Updatehttp://www.filles-de-la-charite.org/en/news.aspx
March had 8 news items from the Company

4. KIDS CORNER http://www.filles-de-la-charite.org/en/kids_corner.aspx
Activity – help Mary Magdalen find her way to the tomb of Jesus
Crossword – based on April events
Jigsaw – shows Thomas with the Risen Lord

Have a grace-filled Holy Week,
Sr Maureen Tinkler DC

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