Vincentians in Partnership Review Meeting. 21 st October 2017
Facilitated by Fr Joe Agostino CM Vincentian Family Office Coordinator

15 representatives of the Vincentian Family in Great Britain met on 21 st October 2017 to celebrate over 17 years of achievement in projects of social justice, spiritual formation and collaboration – gathering together as a diverse group of over 12,000 Vincentians. Somehow, all the expansion worked better in some aspects than others, so we felt it was time for a Review. As Fr Tomaz Mavric said in his closing homily at the Symposium in Rome “now we must water, nourish and trim the tree so that it can flourish. “

Fr Joe Agostino CM (Joe), had set us a Reflection Sheet as homework prior to attending the Symposium, and refreshed, renewed, invigorated and inspired, we set about our discussions. The day flowed well, the feedback is entirely positive and we are of a mind to evolve together, collaborating and co-operating in an alliance of Vincentian Family branches in the pursuit of justice for the most vulnerable. We have work to do and are now clearer of the path to its fruition.

Dee Mansi, Chair,
Vincentians in Partnership GB

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