VF Commissions Meeting

Three weeks ago the Vincentian Family Office published the First Vincentian Family Commissions Meeting that was held in Rome in January, 2017. As we told, we will be publishing the goals that each commission wrote up during the meeting.

Today we introduce the priorities of the International Commission of the Vincentian Family to Promote Systemic Change

The International Commission of the Vincentian Family to Promote Systemic Change has set priorities for its work in 2017:

First, the commission will continue to form regional coordinating teams for systemic change (SC), whose task is to ensure that SC continues to be a priority in the areas where we have given workshops.  We have two teams in Asia and one in Latin America, with whom we will engage regularly to follow the development of their work and to offer continued formation or other assistance as needed.

A second priority is to take advantage of the several venues of communication now available to the Family to post articles and news about SC work around the world.

Thirdly, the commission will strive to develop new material, especially for our online toolkit: new stories of successful SC, new power/point presentations for workshops, the addition of a new page for the next edition of our Manual for Systemic Change on advocacy, and the preparation of a presentation on social justice (based on Catholic Social Teaching);

Meanwhile the commission will respond to requests for workshops, insisting that they be Family events (not of one Branch).  For 2017 we have one scheduled for Rwanda-Burundi, and one in preparation for Mozambique;

At our October meeting in Rome the commission will begin the process of updating our three-year strategic plan.


To access the other commissions plans, click on the next links:


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