Daily Reflection – February 27

“Our vocation places us in the midst of the poor to whom we give the best of ourselves.” – Mother Chiron, D.C. – Lord, help me to remember that only my best is good enough for those I will be serving today.

Daily Reflection – February 26

“We must never be surprised at the little misunderstandings which arise. The angels and the apostles disagreed and Our Lord permits it to happen in communities for a greater good. But it rests with us to avoid these regrettable circumstances and to become...

Daily Reflection – February 25

“One thing is wanting – works of charity. The blessing of the poor is the blessing of God. Let us go to the poor.” – Bl. Frederic Ozanam – Heavenly Father, enliven my faith so I can see you in those who are suffering.

Daily Reflection – February 24

“The sick were brought to Our Lord to be cured, like that poor man with the palsy whom they let down through the roof. Is not this what you do in hospitals?” – St. Vincent de Paul – Sometimes in the routine activities of my day, I fail to see...

Daily Reflection – February 23

“We must always do things with the greatest possible simplicity.” – St. Vincent de Paul – Grant me, Lord, the ability to speak and act candidly, acknowledging the contributions of others whenever possible.

Daily Reflection – February 22

“We must generously accept our inability to act, when it pleases God that this should happen.” – St. Louise de Marillac – When I am forced to remain inactive, Lord, keep me patient and calm in my waiting, knowing that this, too, pleases...