Discover Fire

Discover Fire

The day will come when after harnessing space… the winds… the tides… gravitation… we shall harness for God the energy of love and for the second time in history we will have discovered fire. (Teilhard deChardin) So are you ready to play your...

September in the Vincentian Family

September is one of the busier months in the Vincentian Family Calendar. The Vincentian Encyclopedia has background on these events. 2 – Bl. Louis-Joseph Francois,  Jean-Henri Gruyer and Pierre-Rene Rogue, Priests and Martyrs, 7 – Frank Duff joined the...

Young VMY member reports from Egypt

A worried world  looks at events in Egypt, worries and prays. Day by day the situation worsens. “Christianity pre-dates Islam by 600 years, and Egypt was a majority Christian country long before Islam existed. The Copts of Egypt are the indigenous people of the...