Days in the life of St. Vincent

Days in the life of St. Vincent

Fr. John Rybolt provides a day-by-day listing of the known activities of Vincent de Paul from 1596 (the year of his tonsure and minor orders) to 1660 (the year of his death). Its purpose is to show graphically his activities in chronological relation to each other...

Listing of Seton Bicentennial events

In the lower right side of the page there is a calendar devoted to Vincentian Family events. In this Bicenntenial year it will provide and opportunity for a comprehensive listing of such events around the country. If you would like your event listed in this...

Catholic community calendar

NCR has a Google-like catholic community calendar which allows users both to see and submit events of interest to the catholic community. Note: This is most likely the same program used by famvin for some months now on the lower right corner of its home page.