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The New Patheos Public Square
How Can Faith Communities Help Alleviate Poverty?
In this week’s Patheos Public Square, we’re tackling the role of faith communities in addressing poverty. What approaches work best? What role should families, government agencies, and non-profits play? Read from Buddhist, Pagan, and Christian scholars and faith leaders (see articles below).
Five Steps for Buddhist Leaders Willing to Accept Mandela’s Challenge
“We need more Buddhists talking about poverty, offering help to and advocating for those affected — and proactively getting involved with interfaith efforts.” Danny Fisher, Buddhist minister and chaplain
Beyond Social Work: Reflections on Poverty Alleviation
“How should Christians approach poverty alleviation? By following scriptural commands for helping the poor — and by working with families, churches, businesses, and government agencies to effect lasting change.” Greg Lane, American Enterprise Institute
To Alleviate Poverty, Show Compassion
“Compassion doesn’t require anything but empathy and a loving heart. All of us, regardless of the size of our faith community or our personal beliefs, can afford compassion.” Kathy Nance, Pagan writer and entrepreneur
Deep Solidarity: Embracing God’s Power to Alleviate Poverty and Create Structural Change
“Solidarity is no longer a matter of the privileged helping the underprivileged. It is about understanding what we have in common and how we all need to work together to organize and embrace a different power.” Joerg Rieger, Perkins School of Theology, SMU
Mormons Reaching Out to Reduce Human Suffering
“Throughout its history, but especially in the last few decades, the LDS Church and the Mormon people have sought to more fully practice what Christians are called to do: draw on Jesus’ teaching to serve those most in need.” Warner Woodworth, Brigham Young University