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If I want a gift to be a message of joy and really well received, it is important to know the recipient. The perfect gift is something that we know that the recipient  desires but for many reasons, including financial, such an item is something he would not acquire for himself. Obviously the perfect gift should not in any way be  embarrassing for the recipient.

Sometimes a written note, that provides understanding and encouragement, is better than any tangible gift. This is something to keep in mind when sending Christmas  cards. Personal words added to the usual greetings are often greatly appreciated.

We often have friends that, because speed of the passing of time we rarely see. Christmas is the time to make the effort to find the forgotten addresses and send a word of friendship.

A suggested gift idea for Vincentians to add to their Christmas greetings is to tell their friends that they have funded a Christmas Hamper in the name of all their friends. This thought will be appreciated and may also encourage the recipients to do the same.
For all those who are reading these lines, be assured that I have made arrangements to have your name included in my heavenly PrayerPal account. During the Christmas season I will celebrate a Mass to clear up the said PrayerPal debt.

A blessed and happy Christmas to all!

Mgrs. Peter Schonenbach, Spiritual advisior
National Council of Canada

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