lcusa-logoThe President of AIC-LCUSA calls for Solidarity in Action

Tragedy has left the Phillipines in dire need of our help, both spiritually and materially. First they suffered an earthquake and then super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) struck with a devastating force and loss of life. Ladies of Charity has associations in the Phillipines who are struggling to help in the recovery.  AIC-Phillipines’ president Imelda Torres has sent a letter asking for out support. Please remember the victims in your prayers. If you wish to make a monetary contribution make the check payable to LCUSA and indicate it is for the Phillipines. LCUSA is sending a contribution to AIC-Solidarity to distribute to victims in conjunction with AIC-Phillipines. LCUSA always donates our funds to Vincentian Family members to distribute to victims.Thank you for your prayers and aid.
In the spirit of St. Vincent and St. Louise,
Gayle Johnson
President,  AIC-LCUSA


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