Pray PhilippinesDear members of the Vincentian family – Philippines,

May the grace of God be always with you!

In the name of the VFCC, I am writing all the member branches to respond to the needs of the victims of the super typhoon, Yolanda, which has left us with so many people, dead and living, but who are trying to survive the tremendous destruction of houses and properties. As we all are witnessing the reports from all the media, the needs of the people are really great.

We, the members of the Vincentian Family – Philippines, are being encouraged to do what we can in order to help our brothers and sisters, who are now struggling to go on with their lives in the midst of the destruction of properties, caused by the strong winds and floods.

At the moment, we are trying to establish te right network that can facilitate all the donations coming from the members of the Vincentian. In the meantime, please coordinate with the Adamson University – ICES, with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, and Daughters of Charity. At present the most effective help should be in the form of cash, which can easily be sent to members of the Vincentian Family, who are near the areas very much affected by the typhoon. You can also send donation in kind, but they can only be transported later, when roads are already passable.

Let us look at this super typhoon as an opportunity to share God’s blessings to the victims of the super typhoon. I am sure God will always bless any humble effort done to help alleviate the people, who are suffering at present.

Sincerely yours in St. Vincent de Paul,

Fr. Frank M. Vargas, C. M.

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