MemoParticipants of the Vincentian Family Gathering were treated to a powerful illustration of what could happen if Vincentians followed the lead of Ozanam in asking the big questions of the day (see previous post).

Fr. Campuzano (aka Memo) addressesed a gap in the literature on Systemic Change – The Spirituality of Systemic Change. The full text and presentation will be available in a few days. Although the following can never capture the dynamism of his presentation the following phrase can hint at the flavor.

From the founding experience…to a Vincentian movement … to a Vincentian spirituality…. too a Vincentian school.

A member of the family… An outsider speaking

Vincentian institutional crisis in the USA. a of Vincentian fundamentalism

When does suffering lead to life?
Where is life calling us to go?
Do we have the energy to go  where life is calling us with urgency?

Many  ways of asking are we translating Vincentian charism for today.


He will continue with a second part to his presentation with  “Moving Vincentian Spirituality to ACTION”

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