vmyThe Vincentian Marian Youth announces that International Secretariat Father Irving Gabriel Amaro Ramayo, C.M is the new Sub-director of the VMY . He replaces Fr. Pavol Noga, who has been appointed to a new ministry.

Rr. Ramayo writes….

Dear young men and women of the VMY and National Advisors:

Receive a warm greeting. After a time of preparation for this new ministry that Father General and his council have requested of me, I now communicate with you.

My name is Father Irving Gabriel Amaro Ramayo, CM and I am a member of the Mexican Province.  I was ordained sixteen years ago and now want to share live and ministry with you.  As I begin this first letter to you (I am sure many others will follow) I want to encourage you as we move forward as members of the Vincentian Marian Youth Association.

Here I want to make an analogy between music and ministry with young men and women.  The basic elements for music are rhythm, melody and harmony.  What would happen if we combined life, relationships, spirit, charism and personal values?  What would be the result of such a combination?  Ministry with young people has its own proper melody, a different rhythm and is harmonized in a different manner occasionally it hits a “flat note”.  If, however, we combine these elements (and certainly we would have to include some other elements), then we would move from isolated sounds to a beautiful musical composition.  I believe the same reality occurs in ministry with young men and women.  First, several elements have to be combined and only then can we produce “a musical piece”  that motivates the life of the VMY and that leads others to join us in our pilgrimage of faith and service.  In order to achieve this we must dedicate time and make every effort to learn how to combine life and talents and rhythm, etc.

In the gospel Jesus tells us: I am the way and the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except through me (John 14:6).  In order to go to the Father we have to be clear about Jesus’ plan and together we have to collaborate in building up the kingdom of God in order to transform the world into a more united and harmonious place.

I have used this analogy because we will use different processes of accompaniment and service.  The reality of the young men and women will naturally vary from one place to another wherever the Association is established and wherever these same young people are filled with the charim of our Founders.  If we work together as a team and as a network we will be able to include more people in our ministry that is oriented toward young people. As Director of the International Secretariat, I would like to reach out to so many  young men and women, and as the international Sub-Director and representative of Father General I want to be sensitive to the needs of the advisors.  I am at your disposal  secinterjmv@gmail.com.

These are my hopes with regard to this plan that God is asking me to undertake.  I ask you to continue to pray for me and for the team at the International Secretariat so that we can carry out our ministry in the best possible manner.

I express my gratitude to Father Pavol Nogal for the accomplishments that he achieved during the time of his ministry with the Association.  I ask that God bless him in the new ministry that he has undertaken.

Father Irving Amaro Ramayo, C.M.

Director of the International Secretariat of the VMY

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