CMPThe Vincentian in Partnership Newsletter (VIP) has a nice short paragraph about a group of collaborators known as the Company of MIssion Priests or CMP.

Company of Mission Priests

This society of Anglican priests, under the patronage of St Matthew and St Vincent de Paul, came into being in 1939 when the superiors of Mirfield, Kelham and Cowley appealed to young clergy to form a new community life based on unmarried simplicity and loyalty to one another for the mission of Christ to the poor – especially the poor living in social priority areas. The models for such a life were the Victorian clergy houses, and the Bush Brotherhoods of the Australian outback. Today there are around 50 CMP priests living and working for the most part in Anglican parishes on sink estates or in inner city locations in England and Wales. Their belonging to the Company of Mission Priests is ratified by simple promises, which they renew annually. Their Warden is Fr Beresford Skelton of St Mary Magdalene, Sunderland. Fr Berry, as we know him, also serves as Trustee of VIP’s Board.

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