The website of  USA Young Vincentians presents a prayer for Vincentian Youth.

Saint Vincent de Paul, missionary and evangelizer of the poor, grant us, through your intercession:

Courageous youth willing to light the fire of divine love in all beings, to continue the mission of the Son of God.
Communicative youth, who reveal to those who are poor and marginalized that the Kingdom of God is close, especially for them.
Convert youth to Jesus Christ, so they will address humanity full of love, to remove material and spiritual poverty.
Youth who treat those who are poor with understanding and cordiality, putting themselves at their service.
Youth who are interested in an inner life that manifests itself in faith, hope and charity, and an attitude of surrender to God.
Youth who, inspired by Louise, Frederic, Elizabeth, John Gabriel, Rosalie, Catherine and many others, give joyous testimony in being disciples of Jesus.

(Written by Fr. Eugenio Jose Wisnienwski, CM)

One can also find a  link to their current Newsletters


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