Haiti Libre writes Haiti – Economy : The diaspora creates jobs in Haiti

According to Katleen Félix, President of “Haitian Hometown Associations Resource Group”, “Zafèn is the proof that working together for the common good, allow to live the success.”

“We can only note the dynamics of the Haitian diaspora through this initiative. Zafèn is a collaborative model recognized at the forum of the diaspora by Hilary Clinton in 2012,” declared Carine Roenen of Fonkoze, a founding partner.

“The future of Haiti passes through the valuation of contributions of Haitians living both at home and abroad,” said the reverend Joseph Agostino, CM Coordinator of Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative.

The article also states

“On the occasion of the Week of the diaspora, the Zafèn network (“is our business” in Creole), wants to demonstrate the importance of the contribution of the Haitian diaspora in job creation and entrepreneurial culture in Haiti through its network.”

Zafèn was established to strengthen collaboration between entrepreneurs in Haiti, the Haitian diaspora and people around the world who wish to support the Haitian economy. Note that Zafèn is composed of members of the diaspora and friends of Haiti, which raised $ 1.6 million for the benefit of 300 entrepreneurs and various social projects. In less than 3 years, Zafèn created over 667 jobs in 33 cities in Haiti.

It was in 2009, at a meeting of the diaspora in the offices of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) that the idea of a crowdfunding site is born. Pierre Labaze, a New Yorker of Haitian origin, suggested the creation of a initiative own to Haiti following the model of Kiva. Four organizations have chosen to work together to make this project which began in April 2010.

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