April 21, 2013 – Please keep in your prayers Fr. Peter Goldbach, CM. of the Eastern Province. Peter celebrated his 101st birthday last August and is the oldest living Vincentian in the world.

On Thursday, April 18, Peter went to the Emergency Room of Chestnut Hill Hospital because he was experiencing pain and difficulty walking.  While there, the Doctors discovered that he has inoperable cancer.  Later the same day, Peter returned to St. Catherine’s where he will be kept comfortable and cared for by the staff and his confreres.

goldbachIn his customary manner, Peter was very much at peace when informed of the diagnosis.  He voiced one concern, “I don’t want to be a burden to anyone, especially the staff at St. Catherine’s.”

Peter’s simplicity and faithfulness as a priest and Vincentian are a blessing to all of us.

Please accompany him during this time with your prayers.

If you wish to email your support to Fr. Goldbach, click here.

or by postal mail

Rev. Peter Goldbach, CM
St. Catherine’s Infirmary
500 E. Chelten Ave.

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