The following presentation on Saint Louise as a spiritual woman has been taken form a freshly translated  article of the same title.

It focuses on the following four aspects of her spirituality:

  • a woman inspired by the Spirit
  • a woman of prayer and a woman who participated in the sacraments
  • a woman inspired by the love of God
  • a woman united to God’s providence.

It concludes with the following questions for reflection and sharing.

1] With regard to my experience of God: what can I say about this matter? How do I respond to Jesus’ question: And you, who do you say I am?

2] How can we begin to share our spiritual experiences either in community or in some small reflection group?

3] What place does contemplative prayer have in my ministry? How does my ministry nourish my prayer?

4] Saint Louise lived her experiences in communion with the Eucharist. How is the Eucharist then communion for us?

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