A video using the image of “FallingPlates”  shares the purpose of the Easter Story.

FallingPlates portrays in four minutes the universal themes of life, lost love, death, pain and faith in a God who interrupts our lives to show his love.

Life begins happy and content as it was created by God to be. But, it’s shattered in pain leaving men and women broken, stained and burned. Into that pain, God the creator, who desires a true relationship with each person, proves his love to restore individuals and humanity.

Already viewed some one half million times, there is more. The video ends with a call to continue the conversation.

Thousands in social media are encouraging their friends to view the film and enter the conversation.

Executive Producer Howard Crutsinger blends stunning still photography from modern life with special video effects to illustrate the experience of so many.

By Easter, more than a million people are expected to watch Falling Plates on YouTube, not counting viewers on other platforms. Thousand in social media are encouraging their friends to view the film and enter the conversation.

You can embed the video into websites, blogs, or Facebook, or share the YouTube URL http://youtu.be/KGlx11BxF24 on Twitter and elsewhere. On Twitter, use the #fallingplates hashtag, so that this will be seen as a trending item. Different language subtitles have also been made and the team encourage others to do this.

#FallingPlates is a joint production from Cru and Strong Films. Strong Films creates short films that powerfully inspire and start conversations. Cru (also known as Campus Crusade for Christ in the United States) is an interdenominational organization committed to giving people the opportunity to respond to God’s offer of love and forgiveness.

You could also download the video from YouTube to project in a meeting, or keep on your mobile phone to share one-to-one.

Over this Easter, the team who produced the Falling Plates video are encouraging people around the world to share it widely. They also make suggestions for sharing it as a conversation starter.

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