Today, the Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative launched a campaign to raise funds to support a sewing cooperative in Haiti to employ women who were taught to sew, embroider and create artisanal crafts by the Daughters of Charity.

Minimum wage in Haiti is $5/day, but that’s not enough for families to lift themselves from poverty.

The Vincentians are starting a sewing co-op to create work for talented women who sew, embroider & craft to generate a healthier future. Get your donation matched at

Help Haitian women sewing, embroidering and crafting their way to prosperity at a new co-op the Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative is launching!

Make a donation of $25 or more & double it with a Vincentian match!

Denise Matteson  personally visited this Daughters of Charity sewing shop last month, and her colleague, Griselda Garibay, took the attached photos. The sewing shop is not a business, just a training place. But the new co-op will employ the most talented women from the shop and try to get contracts for them that pay better than minimum wage. We have one to start with, which is an order for about 150 Haitian flags to be embroidered and given to official buildings throughout the country. Currently, Haitian flags mostly fly above official buildings in Port-au-Prince, but not always at buildings in rural or outlying areas.

Citè Soleil Haiti is a shantytown where residents have little opportunity. The Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative is recruiting women trained to sew & craft by the Daughters of Charity to join a co-op that will funnel work to them. Get your donations matched!
The Vincentians are launching a social business to employ talented women the Daughters of Charity taught to sew, embroider and make artisanal crafts.

PS Flag Day in Haiti is May 18. Help fund a project to provide flags for municipal buildings across the country.  Check it out and help fund start-up costs .




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