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Clearly, as time moves forward there will be much to learn about Pope Francis, but for the time being we thought we would share a few quotes that represent the importance the social mission of the Church has played in his ministry:

Speaking of contrast between the economically rich and poor, “Poor people who are persecuted for demanding work, and rich people who are applauded for fleeing from justice”.  -August 2001 Speaking at the church dedicated to San Cayetano, the patron saint of work and bread (SOURCE: BBC News)

“We live in the most unequal part of the world, which has grown the most yet reduced misery the least…The unjust distribution of goods persists, creating a situation of social sin that cries out to Heaven and limits the possibilities of a fuller life for so many of our brothers.” -2007 Gathering of Latin American Bishops (SOURCE: National Catholic Reporter)

Preaching on the Gospel story of the good Samaritan, the cardinal said: “Every economic, political, social or religious project involves the inclusion or exclusion of the wounded lying on the side of the road. Each day, each of us faces the choice of being a good Samaritan or an indifferent bystander.” -2003 homily, location unknown (SOURCE:

“The Gospel promises of God’s love, of salvation in Jesus Christ and of unchanging moral values still have the power to guide and to give life…the church must lead the way in reaching out to the elderly, to suffering children, to the poor and others excluded from the mainstream of modern society.” April 2005 Interview (SOURCE: Catholic News Service)

Our prayers are with Pope Francis and the Church in this time of transition, as we respond to the Gospel call of justice & solidarity.

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