brothers-of-charityDrawing their inspiration from their founder, the “Belgian St. Vincent” and their long tradition of working in situations involving psychiatric disorders, the  Brothers of Charity carry on Vincent’s mission of carry for the casualties of war.

“In support of all veterans with post traumatic stress disorder Redeemer House for Veterans exists to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable people: the chronically homeless veterans experiencing mental illness. We are committed to providing supportive housing, mental health stabilization and referrals to relevant social services. Through these activities, we restore personal dignity, instill hope and increase quality of life.”

The Brothers live with those they aim to serve, creating circles of support that will wrap around each vet as they go through the process of recovery and step out again on their own.

These and other homeless veterans are among those The Redeemer House for Veterans aims to assist with mental health, medical, housing, and other services.redeemer House

  • Joe: A young Marine Corp. Corporal who suffered through multiple deployments in The Persian Gulf War. He now is a homeless drug addict and an alcoholic. He is awaiting disbursement of disability benefits.
  • Kenny: A Navy Medic who deployed with the Marine Corp. in Kuwait in the Persian Gulf. Kenny received a purple heart after suffering multiple injuries when a roadside RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) totaled his Humvee, blasted him off his seat, and into the dirt. The PTSD resulted in broken family relationships and homelessness for Kenny. He is awaiting determination by medical boards for disability.
  • Eugene: A truck driver in the Army. Suffered internal injuries during a mortar attack in Kandahar, Afghanistan. His PTSD manifests itself in drug abuse and homelessness. Eugene has been checking for his benefits with the VA for about a year and a half.
  • Charlie: A Machinist Mate in the Navy. Charlie’s right arm was almost severed. Charlie is drunk so much of the time he is not even sure if his discharge was honorable or dishonorable. He is awaiting determination of his status from his DD214.

The vision for The Redeemer House for Veterans is a fully operational facility to serve 20 of these chronically homeless veterans in a homelike environment where they can be given support and care by doctors, nurses and counselors. The facility, located at 1135 New Jersey Avenue NW, Washington DC will be renovated to include 20 private rooms, 2 full bathrooms, a dining room, kitchen, laundry, common room, offices and living space for their caregivers, The Brothers of Charity.

The program is designed to break the cycle of despair by helping individuals maintain stabilization of psychiatric illness and find permanent housing.


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