I hate whenHow one views problems all depends where you start from… or what you have when you start.

A 60 second movie about perspectives on developed world problems in the context and through the eyes of people in under-developed areas… the graphics tell the story.

  • “I hate when my phone charger won’t reach my bed.”
  • “I hate when my leather seats are heated”
  • “When I go to the bathroom and forget my phone”
  • “When I leave my clothes in the washer and they start to smell”
  • “I hate it when my house is so big that I need two wireless routers.”
  • “When my mint gum makes my ice water too cold”
  • “When I have to write my maid a check and I forget her name”
  • “When I can’t walk and text at the same time.”
  • “When I leave my charger downstairs.”
  • “I hate it when my neighbors block their wifi.”
  • “I hate when I tell them no pickles and they still give me pickles.”

First world problems are often relative.

This video from the folks at WaterIsLife.com