writes…”When it comes to our Year of Faith and online evangelization, I am endlessly caught between two assumptions; 1) the Internet can be a wonderful a catalyst for the New Evangelization, and 2), the Internet provides us an outlet to become counter-productive and waste time. Since we are indeed called to spread the Gospel in the digital world, it’s important to find a balance between the two so our time online is not wasted, but instead used to grow in our faith and spread the love of Christ and His Church with others.

“So this year I plan on being very mindful of my time management online. I recently downloaded RescueTime which tracks the amount of time spent on each website, and charts productivity throughout the day. It’s an interesting tool, and though the results weren’t news to me, it made me aware of exactly how many minutes in my day could be better spent. You can download the free version of the software here (link no longer operative)

“’d also like to re-suggest reading Matt Swaim’s Prayer in the Digital Age, as it addresses technology overload and offers solutions to cut down on the clutter in our lives.

“And for those looking for more ways to spread the word about our Year of Faith with your friends online, Co-Founder of Peter and Paul Ministries, Ashley Collins, has created a Facebook Cover Photo and Google+ banner available to upload to your profiles.