(Romereports.com) The Vatican’s Foreign Minister has called on all nations to work toward ending the stockpiles of nuclear weapons. While addressing the International Atomic Energy Agency, known as the IAEA, Monsignor Dominique Mamberti also noted that non-proliferation was just as important as disarmament.

He said the two were “interdependent and mutually reinforcing” as well as “instruments not only in the fight against nuclear terrorism, but also in the concrete realization of a culture of life and of peace”.
The organization is currently holding its 56th General Conference. It also welcomed three new countries as member. Fiji, San Marino and Trinidad and Tobago and now all Member States.
Monsignor Mamberti also stated the Holy See’s support for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty as an important step to secure global security.
He then restated the Vatican’s support to build  Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones, saying it would be especially helpful for the Middle East.