Dumping costs St Vincent De Paul Society’s store in Australia $30,000 a year to dispose of the rubbish. It often includes household waste, builders’ rubbish, damaged couches, soiled mattresses and busted appliances.

“The weekends are probably the worst,” St Vinnies retail operations manager Michael Rawlinson said. “Sometimes you can’t even get through the front door.”

He said after-hours donations became rubbish because “people rifle through it”, spreading the contents all over the street. Often they are unsellable “simply because they’re left out in the elements”.

“They don’t realise they’re costing charitable organisations money – $30,000 goes a long way to help with school fees, uniforms, food, clothing, petrol vouchers and car repairs.”

GARBAGE dumpers outside Springvale charity shops will be targeted in an undercover operation by Greater Dandenong Council officers.

In a test operation, a council litter prevention officer in a marked council car had identified offenders at known dumping sites on a Sunday.

In the coming undercover operation, officers will take photos of dumping and use the images as evidence for infringement notices of up to $5600.

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