Mrs. Solange Midi finds inspiration for her art by using things many people might throw away such as coconut shells and husks, straw, cardboard, scrap pieces of canvas, branches, and tiles. She transforms them into valuable and highly creative decorative and functional objects. This Zafen project will create job opportunities for four full time employees, including a couturier, a finisher, a painter, and a cleaner, and three contract workers to collect the needed materials to produce the objects. Mrs. Midi will have more opportunity to prepare and improve the quality of her products for marketing in the domestic market and internationally. In addition, it will help her better participate in fairs that exhibit her products and enable the promotion of her products and the Haitian art industry in general.

Midlange Art-Deco will use their loan to purchase a generator that will enable the owner to work when there isn’t electricity as well as buy different needed materials in bulk, such as paint, paintbrushes, and polish. This will enable her to reduce costs, improve the products, and increase profits. She will also hire four fulltime employees and three contract workers.


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