“In our search for this Louise we find very contradictory signs of her identity. We are able to view sketches that present us with the image of a sad widow, a complex mystic and a forward looking, bold advocate on behalf of the dignity of those who were oppressed. We can examine the profile of a truly Christian woman, a tender and suffering mother … a woman who promoted a new way of following Christ.

One thing is clear: this woman, Louise de Marillac or Mademoiselle Le Gras (whichever you prefer) has, for the most part, been unknown. Furthermore, an endless series of clichés and stereotypes have distorted her true personality. Someone has said that this woman has had no luck. Her exceptional talent, which could stand on its own, has always been placed on a secondary level, that is, in the shadow of an illustrious figure: that of her friend, guide and collaborator, Vincent de Paul.

Without a doubt we stand in the presence of one of the most complete women in the history of the Church and in the history of humanity … one of the most intelligent and astute persons who provided assistance and advocated on behalf of the liberation of those persons who were poor.

From Louise de Marillac: a bold and creative woman by Celestino Fernández, C.M ;

Famvin is happy to provide this  as another  in a series of translations from Spanish documents furthering insight into key figures in Vincentian History.

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