On 8 December 2011  the interprovincial Seminary was opened for Sisters coming from the former Soviet Union. The service of Directress was confided to Sisters Jadwiga Szok of the Province of Warsaw and the service of Sister in Office was confided to Sister Natalia Kopolovec from the Province of Slovakia. The two Seminary Sisters are Sister Walentyna of Belorussia, who is from the Province of Warsaw and Sister Ksjusza of Ukraine who is from the Province of Krakow.Participants at the opening ceremony were: Sister Zofia Daniscakova, General Councillor, the Visitatrixes of the Polish Provinces and of Slovakia as well as the Provincial Director of the Province of Krakow. The responsibility for the Seminary has been given to the Visitatrix of the Province of Krakow.May Mary, only mother of the Company, watch over this new place of formation and deepening of the spiritual life.

Sniatyn in the Ukraine is a place blessed by the heroic service of Blessed Sister Marta Wiecka.

In related news

Blessing of the Blessed Sister Marta Wiecka Social Center in Sniatyn, Ukraine.

The Blessed Sister Marta Wiecka Social Center is a work that became a reality thanks to her life and beatification. The following works will be developed there:

  • A children’s home,
  • A place where the elderly who are alone may receive care along with spiritual and material help,
  • A day center for handicapped children,
  • A social service welcome center where mothers can anonymously leave their baby when they cannot take care of it.

The blessing of the center took place on 12 February 2012. The Eucharist was presided by his eminence Archbishop Mieczysław Mokrzycki along with several priests.