writes About one million people, mostly women and girls are kidnapped each year to be later exploited as slaves. Religious from different congregations and nationalities have created the Talitha Kum network to fight against this. It’s coordinated by the International Union of Superiors General.”

Sister Estrella Castalone Project Coordinator, Talitha Kum

 “This network is responsible for maximizing and sharing the resources we religious already have to prevent and raise awareness about human trafficking and denouncing it with the possible assistance and protection of victims and the most vulnerable.”

The Catholic Church already has a valuable resource in the fight against human trafficking: the dedication and commitment of the religious.

 Sister Estrella Castalone Project Coordinator, Talitha Kum

 “We are sisters, we move within the parameters of religious life, we can not go to a club in the middle of the night to rescue a prostitute who has been brought there. But we can focus on prevention, we can talk to people, because we have students who have been recruited.”

 Trafficking human beings brings millions of dollars to mafias that exploit the operation on a multinational scale.

Sister Estrella Castalone Project Coordinator, Talitha Kum

“Criminal organizations are trampling on the dignity of people through their trafficking, which is very organized. They operate very efficiently. To counter them, we religious, lay people or any one of good will, we should all work together.”

Religious are especially present in places where poverty prevails. The network of Talitha Kum warn potential victims of trafficking and work to prevent the cycle of kidnapping, exploitation and suffering.

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