December is Spiritual Literacy Month, listed in Chase’s Calendar of Events as a month for “promoting respect for and among the world’s religions and spiritual traditions by encouraging people to ‘read the book of the world’ (liber mundi) for sacred meaning.” According to Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat authors of a bestselling book called Spiritual Literacy: Reading the Sacred in Everyday Life it’s a time to remember three things:

(1) Life is a sacred adventure.
(2) Every day we encounter signs written in the texts of our own experience that point to the active presence of spirit in the world around us.
(3) We can learn to read the signs; we can become spiritually literate. We can get the message.

“To read the sacred in everyday life, requires that we develop new qualities of the mind and heart, qualities that open us to the presence of the spiritual within all aspects of existence. No moment, no thing is to be excluded.” This is a direct quote from The Spiritual Literacy Project, which is in their online website, Spirituality and Practice, Resources for Spiritual Journeys. It also informs that just like any other kind of reading, it requires an alphabet; that 26 diverse aspects are required to practice spiritual literacy for reading the sacred in our everyday lives. There is also an expansive Spiritual Literacy Blog on the website.

To see a world in a grain of sand
and a heaven in a wild flower
To hold infinity in the palm of your
hand and eternity in an hour.

– William Blake