With the constant march of technology, more and more people are accessing their daily news on their “smartphone.” In addition to the apps on VinFormation, Famvin is happy to announce VinFeed, VinFeedES, and VinFeedPOLSKA: news readers that draw some of the latest news from the Vincentian Family direct to your phone! These apps work on virtually every smartphone!

VinFeed ties you in to the Famvin, Congregation of the Mission, Daughters of Charity and the CM-DC NGO sites.

VinFeedES pulls news from the Spanish versions of Famvin, the Congregation of the Mission, and the Daughters of Charity. What’s more, we’ve included “Somos Vicencianos“, a marvelous formation resource from Spain.

VinFeedPOLSKA includes Famvin, the Polish Provincial site, and the polish versions of the Daughters of Charity and JMV sites.

The apps were built on the Mippin site, so they are not user configurable — you can’t add more feeds. But, maybe you could write one for your branch of the family? Hopefully, more and more Vincentian Family sites will make their news feeds (RSS) available. And then, watch for a new and improved version of VinFeed in 2012 — a totally user-configurable, native app that will exploit all the features of your phone, as well as iPad and Android tablets!

Visit Vinformation/mobile and download your app, and try the other formation apps there!

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