“(Louise’ de Marillac’s) letters were considered “relics of her spirit” [1] because “something” invisible was hidden in those small pieces of paper, something that could be utilized and yet at the same time had to be carefully and lovingly preserved so that it could maintain its value for many centuries. “Something” invisible pulsated in the material of the paper and transformed the written words into pearls of precious wisdom.” … “It was not until 1845, one hundred eighty-five years after the death of the Founder, that this precious wealth was complied so that it could be utilized by everyone.”

Sister Carmen Urrizburu, DC, recounts how these relics were almost lost and the subsequent realization of their significance. Famvin is proud to present this English translation of an article that recently appeared in Anales, volume 199, #3, May-June, 2011

Honoring our treasures…
  • How many “relics of the the spirit” of Louise or Vincent or our other founders have we allowed ourselves to be touched by?
  • Have we ever said a prayer for the archivists and biographers who help; us keep in touch?

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