Dr. Michael Thio, international President of the SVDP writes..."There  has been widespread media coverage on the famine in the Horn of Africa affecting mainly Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya and a few
others. Many countries have indicated that they wish to make donations to provide assistance to
the countries affected.
Apart from in Uganda, the Society of St Vincent de Paul is not present or  has too few Conferences in the affected countries to manage alone large amounts of money or big projects.
Nevertheless, the Society does not wish to leave victims unattended, and will thus be arranging to collaborate with organisations within the Vincentian Family and also other Catholic Charity organisations in jointly providing  aid to the countries in the Horn of Africa. In regard to this, we are making an appeal that are all donations be sent to the
Council General International in Paris. For more information.
Let us pray for the victims of the famine and that the Lord will alleviate their suffering.
Thank you and God bless you all.
Yours in St. Vincent and Blessed Frederic.
Dr. Michael Thio, D.H.
President General
Paris, France
Date: 10 September 201

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