These days all roads lead to Madrid… even for the Pope. So our Vincentian youth have gathered in Madrid.  The largest linguistic group, not surprisingly, comes from Spain with next largest being English-speaking, Portugese and Italian speaking. They are from Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, Brazil, Austria, USA, Eritrea, Indones​ia, Italy, Poland, Thailand, Uganda…

Famvin  compiled the following reports from sources in various languages.

By way of context … RomeReports says about 130,000 youths from 137 countries arrived in Spain early  to prepare for the big event. This period has been dubbed the “Days in the Dioceses.” Basically, 65 Spanish dioceses welcomed these youths to prepare them before World Youth Day kicks off.

Arguably the most definitive Vincentian Family Internet coverage will be the special JMV Madrid WYD blog

Visit the VincentianFamily Madrid Facebook and scan through the posts in many languages.

VincentianFamily Madrid says follow the action on Twitter @VincentianFamily.

With typical youthful enthusiasm and ingenuity, the JMV site makes sure all will have access to their music with an innovative link to a playlist created for WYD.

Of course  you would expect   1800 Vincentian Youth to have lots of pictures on this Facebook page. Facebook album 1, Facebook album 2. (See samples on this page) You may have to “Like” the page before you can view.

Of course there are other blogs in various languages.

Stay tuned to famvin for …

  • the text of Fr. Gregory Gay’s well received homily
  • blog reports by Fr. Denis Holtschneider, CM, President of dePaul University in Chicago, who is with our youth

Superior General, Fr. Gregory Gay CM issued a video invitation for as many Vincentian youth as possible to attend.

The youth of JMV have their own video of invitation.

YouTube provides a brief video of the history of World Youth Day.











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