It was a Daughter of Charity who nurtured a young Frederic Ozanam. by involving him in her work with the poorest of the poor in Paris.

Today the Daughters of Charity in Eritrea do not work alone when they give service to those who are poor. In Keren, Eritrea, as soon as the Daughters of Charity arrived they formed the Vincentian Marian Youth in response to the request of Our Blessed Lady when she appeared to Catherine Laboure.

The members are formed in the same spirit and participate in the activities of the Daughters of Charity. Besides a deep spirituality, they teach them to take care of the sick persons and elderly people. The young people have no money or other materials to offer because they are poor as well but they give their time. The VMY use the Sacraments, meditation on the Word of God, prayer and song as the source of their power. The Daughters of Charity teach the youth to love and to put their love into practice through the help they give to the needy.

The youth of VMY are very committed in the service of the elderly and the poorest and the groups are very organized to promote the spiritual well-being of their members.

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Digging deeper…

  • Most Vincentian Family members are involved in “hands-on” care of one sort or another. How often do we invite young people to join in our service?
  • Have you ever visited the website of the Vincentian Marian Youth?
  • Are you willing to invest 7 minutes in viewing a video prepared about the participation of thousands of their embers in WYD?
  • You can follow their activities at their blog for World YOuth Day

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