FamVin Australia celebrated  Social Justice Day by exploring the theme  Act Justly – Addressing injustice in modern Australia. The day  focused on some of the most marginalised groups in our Australian community. The objective for the day was to inform the participants about refugees and asylum seekers, issues affecting Indigenous Australians, and homelessness in Australia – and to seek justice in their regard.

There were two keynote addresses, the topics being, If home is where the heart is, how do we give heart to the homeless? How as a society/individual should we respond? (Addressed by Sue Cripps, shown at left, CEO of Homelessness NSW) and Is the treatment of Indigenous Australians and asylum seekers/refugees history repeating itself? From personal experience what are the justice/injustice issues?

FAMVIN Australia organized the day on behalf of the Vincentian Fathers and Brother.

For more detail visit the Australian site of the CM

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