Sister Germaine Price, representing the Company of the Daughters of Charity at the United Nations, shares the news of the serious concern for migrants and their families.

The United Nations General Assembly’s thematic debate on international migration and development was held in New York on May 19, 2011 with a call for a cooperative, positive approach, “to harness the unstoppable force of migration for the greater good”.

The day-long informal debate, seen as a major contribution to the Assembly’s 2013 High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development, was convened by General Assembly President, Mr. Joseph Deiss, to provide a forum for Member States, experts and civil society groups to exchange ideas on migration and consider challenges migrants face world today. The day featured two panel discussions: one devoted to the contribution of migrants to development; and the other on improving international cooperation among all stakeholders on migration and development.
For more information about this event visit the international site of the Daughters of Charity and the CM-DC NGO site.

A representative of the NGO Committee on Migration chided Member States for perennially ignoring the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families. He was also among those who emphasized the need to aggressively tackle the root causes of migration, such as human rights violations, imbalanced trade policies, harmful agricultural subsides, and environmental degradation, which was likely to become the single most important driver of population movements over the next decade.

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