The  May 2011 Newsletter (pdf) of the Joint Newsletter of the Daughters of Charity Advocacy & Social Justice Committee USA provides an example of how one branch of the Vincentian Family is engaged in advocacy through education of its members. They treat a number of issues that are in the news daily. This issue starts with a primer on the Medicaid program  which provides vital safety-net financing for low-income Americans receiving acute health care, long-term care services and children receiving primary care.

There are backgrounders on the myths and realities of  “Birthright Citizenship” and “Educating Parish Team, Law Enforcement and Judicial Staffs about Violence Against Women”

Yet other stories focus on Dawn’s Place, a non-profit program and safe house in Philadelphia, supports and protects women victims of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation as well as “Education about Human Trafficking in Jacksonville, FL. Another one puts a face on global warning by describing how the people in the Cook Islands are coping and one that describes “A Positive Response to Climate Change in Arkansas.”

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