The Vincentian Encyclopedia has posted an article titled “The Paths of God and the Poor:  The Spiritual Journey of St Vincent de Paul”. The article is by  Fr Vinícius Augusto Ribeiro Teixeira, CM  .and gives an overview of the life, vocation and work of Vincent de Paul in the context of the fundamental  call of the Church.  The article, written for the 350th Anniversary of the death of Vincent de Paul,  was taken from the “Anales” of the Province of Rio de Janeiro (September-October 2010), and appeared in Spanish on the Vicencianos Site (Saragossa  Province of the CMs).  The full article can be read in English through the link Spiritual Journey of Vincent .

See also the 6 minute video “The Journey of Vincent” on the famvinYouTube channel.

Graphic of Vincent de Paul sourced fromVicencianos Site .


  • What value might there be in comparing our own spiritual journeys with that of Vincent, Louise, Frederick or Elizabeth?
  • Have you ever tried to pick out the highlights and low lights of your own journey?
  • Were there any special turning points in the journey?