Among the Lenten daily programs Vincentian may find thought provoking   “40 days with the least”  (pdf link no longer active) as a way of engaging with Fr. Greg Gay’s Lenten Letter. A 40 day carbon fast approaches the 40 days from the viewpoint of an ecological awareness.

“Live these forty days in consciousness of the state of health of the most disadvantaged, their difficulties and barriers, theirachievements, great or small, the activities of countries towards improving the health of theircitizens… addressing various aspects of the right to health care.

Here is the itinerary:

  • 1. Health and poverty.
  • 2. Diseases
  • 3. Vulnerable groups: women; children; thehandicapped.
  • 4. Living conditions favorable to health.
  • 5. Access to health care systems and health carecoverage.
  • 6. National health care policies
  • 7. The pharmaceutical industry.
  • 8. Millennium health challenges


40 day carbon fast for Lent

The Church of England several years ago organized a 40 Day Carbon Fast for Lent. The Fast lists an action that can be taken each day during Lent that will reduce one’s carbon footprint and impact on the local landfill. I’ve adapted the Fast for churches in the United States. It’s a good way to observe Lent with an eye toward making permanent changes in our lifestyles and living in order to benefit the planet and to pave the way for the celebration of Easter.

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