Of this Category 5 Cyclone which would have covered almost the entire US as shown in the graphic, Fr. Glenn Humphreys, CM writes…”I have never endured anything like it (Category 5 Cyclone which would have covered the entire US as shown in the graphic) and for me personally the worst parts were that it just went on and on with no relief for well over 12 hours and also the fact that having been evacuated meant I had no idea what state our house and churches were in. It was extremely eerie the next afternoon when the winds had finally abated and I ventured out with Bishop Michael Putney for a drive to survey what had happened. The sight of countless thousands and thousands of huge trees lying across roads, sometimes on houses, power lines across roads, twisted signs everywhere, metal and debris littering everywhere, thick sand covering our beautiful beach road, the Strand, just left me speechless.” For  his full report visit the website of the Australian Congregation of the Mission. For more background on Yasi see wikipedia article.

Here is how you can help the SVDP in Queensland


  • When have you been frightened most in a natural disaster?
  • What was your most urgen need at that point?
  • Did you by any chance, either then or later, relate your experience to the disciples in the boat?

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