When the water goes down Vinnies will still be there. The Vincent dePaul Society in Australia makes an urgent appeal for monetary donations as the most effective way to aid the victims of the massive floods in Australia.

Dominic Lagana, State President of St Vincent de Paul Society in South Australia, says with thousands of families across Australia losing everything in the Christmas and January floods and fires, people are now urgently looking to Vinnies for help.

“We will be there to help people rebuild their lives, but we can only do this with the financial support of the public,” Mr. Lagana said.

“As a national charitable organisation we are committed to assisting in the longterm recovery of people affected by these disasters.” The Society has a permanent and dedicated local presence in Queensland and throughout each state.

“Financial donations are the best way to make sure we are able to quickly provide appropriate assistance to those who need it,” Mr. Lagana said.

Floods have damaged infrastructure, with some communities likely to be isolated for weeks, so it not appropriate to donate goods.

“And buying goods locally helps support and stimulate the local business economy because they too struggle.”

“As the flood waters recede and the fires are tamed, Vinnies members and volunteers will still be there offering assistance and friendship, helping people recover their lives.”

To make a donation to the QUEENSLAND FLOOD APPEAL or other state disasters, visit:  http://www.vinnies.org.au

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