The project Tsiry (Seeds) reports on the impact of its Vincentian Family Systemic Change Prize in 2009. Rose de Lima Ramanankavana reports the success story involving the commitment and collaboration within the Vincentian Family and the hunger of the poor for education and training. That in just 3 months they have 604 participants in 11 units in spite of many difficulties and natural disaster  is amazing.

The project Tsiry aims to train women, members of the communities, in local training centers so that they will be able to provide basic education to children and information on hygiene, health prevention, and farming for adults. Rooted in the village and its respective culture they will attain a special access to the local population and its need. To become local teachers too will promote the economic situation and social esteem of local rural women.

First report РMarch-June, 2010 Р   11 UNITS IN THE REGIONS

The following photos tell the story show how it impacts on the poorest of the poor. (Click on pictures to advance.)

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