jmvin“More than once you have probably had to answer this typical question: What is VMY? And you have surely been able to answer it with words  you have learnt in the formation sessions of the Association.” See their latest newsletter (link no longer working)  for more and what they are doing around the world.

Maybe  you have also answered it through experiences, through those moments that have marked key points along your life, experiences in which Jesus and His Gospel, the example of St. Vincent and the tenderness of  Our Miraculous Mother have made you live life to the full, serving the  less privileged people.

But our annual Motto is not about explaining or answering something; it is about LIVING, about BEING. It is rediscovering who we are  and assuming with authenticity the Gospel and a special lifestyle.  VMY is built with lives that assume and live the Gospel; with tireless  missionary communities that are always open to the Spirit; with  Vincentians committed to those who have no say in some situations; with small gestures that show the Kingdom of God in daily life.

See the full bulletin (Link no longer working)

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