John  Holbrook “uses his skills as a photographic artist to paint film portraits of the poor, the disadvantaged, the homeless, and the mentally or physically challenged. He portrays his subjects as saints and patriarchs, giving them names taken from scripture. He befriends and comforts them, then asks if he might photograph them. Afterward, he gives them the gift of a photograph revealing their personal beauty as God’s children.”

Don Patterson writes in his blog about New Visions of God’s Poor

“John Holbrook prowls the streets, food kitchens, and missions of Fort Worth and other communities. He isn’t sure of what he is looking for, but patiently goes about the task in what he believes is his call to serve the Lord. He carries a small notebook and a camera to capture what he hopes will be stories and images that will inspire others. ”

The above  link to Don Patterson’s blog provides more information and insight into this extraordinary ministry.

For  a more in depth look at how he approached photographing a schizophrenic visit Holbrook’s website.