International Association of Charities – Operational guidelines 2007-2009


· Of the interaction between culture and poverty of women
· That every culture can evolve

AIC groups commit to

1. Strengthen resolutions regarding poverty of women through:

· Creation and development of opportunities to share problems, to work together and to find solutions.
· Education towards a better balance of roles between men and women
· Training in human rights especially the defense of women’s rights and training in political action to implement laws in favour of women.

2. Accompany women in their own responsible development

Convinced that:

· Any change has to come from women themselves and from an understanding of their situation
· Every woman has the resources within herself to change the course of her life
· Every woman has the ability to contribute in the evolution of her culture
· Every volunteer has the ability to create necessary conditions for the development of women

3. Give the entire society a sense of responsibility

Through the reinforcement of:

· Networking with a view to the promotion of women
· Lobbying efforts to encourage involvement and responsibility of the society
· Raising awareness of the medias to promote the dignity of women

Based on values such as

· Respect for the dignity of women
· Solidarity among women
· Reinforcement of the sense of family
· Training and inner experience of the Vincentian spirituality