Leader in Non-profit use of technology offers 3 new free tip sheets to consider when working with volunteers online or looking for a tech consultant.10 Myths About Online Volunteering (Virtual Volunteering)

A list of 10 common myths about online volunteering

What Are the Qualities of a Good Computer/Network
Consultant for Mission-based Organizations?

Staff at mission-based organizations (nonprofits, civil
society organizations, and public sector agencies) have a
great deal of specialized expertise in everything from
child development to organic farming to public relations to
fund raising. However, most do not have specialized
experience in computer hardware, software, and networks.
That means they often have to rely on consultants, either
paid or volunteer, and the staff’s lack of “tech” knowledge
can leave them feeling at the mercy of the consultant: not
being able to understand, question nor challenge whatever
that consultant recommends. This new resource provides tips
on how to judge a good tech consultant from a not-so-good
one (or, to use the politically-incorrect term, a BAD one.

If you insist on launching a matching site,
here’s some advice
on how to offer something that isn’t already out there.