SCNs Sabina Mattappallil, Stella Kaiprampatt and Amrita Manjoly distribute water, food and clothing to tsunami survivors in the cities of Velankanni and Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu.

Sister of Charity (Nazareth) Aiding in IndiaAmong other way the tragedy impacted the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth..

Leadership Meetings: In light of the tsunami tragedy, the February EC and NLBI meetings, originally scheduled to be held in Belize, will now be held at Nazareth. Only Sisters Teresa Kotturan and Anupa Moozha will travel from India. The expenses that would have been incurred for travel to Belize will be directed to the tsunami relief effort. The Leadership thanks all SCNs and Associates who are seeking ways to respond to this incomprehensible disaster. We are grateful to the Belize community for understanding and supporting this decision.

Tsunami Update: The Congregational Leadership continues to look for effective ways of responding to the disaster in South East Asia. Sisters Shalini D’Souza and Teresa Kotturan are in dialog with Father Matamana, Assistant Executive Director of Caritas India. Efforts are underway for SCN personnel to work in collaboration with the Caritas Office in Chennai to reach out to the affected areas in Tamil Nadu and the Andaman Islands. In addition, with the assistance of Diane Curtis, Director of Communications, the leadership is in touch with the electronic and print media to keep them abreast of the relief efforts undertaken by SCNs. Further details will be posted on the SCN website.

Tsumani Relief Effort Update from OCA: The response to a request for contributions to help the victims of the tsunamis has been overwhelming. As of January 6, 2005, OCA has processed over $45,000 in contributions.

Judy Raley, SCN to visit Eastern Province (Asia) At the request of the SCN Executive Committee, Sister Judy Raley will visit the Eastern Province. During her time in India, Sister Judy will work with staff and administration of Nazareth and Holy Family Hospitals on SCN philosophy and mission values. At the request of the Leadership, Sister Judy will visit the tsunami-affected areas of Tamil Nadu and Kerala and be a special presence to the Eastern Province. Her response to this invitation was: “I am humbled and grateful to be this presence and will do all I can to be of assistance to SCNs across the globe.” Sister Judy leaves for India on February 1 for one month.

Smita Karikkattil, SCN to visit U.S.: Welcome to Sister Smita Karikkattil SCN from the Eastern Province who will be in the United States Jan. 12–Feb. 2 to participate in the SCN Ministry Fund meetings. We wish Sister Smita safe travels.

Prayer Service for Tsunami Victims: The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth will sponsor an interdenominational prayer service for the tsunami victims at 4 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 16 at St. Agnes Church on Newburg Road in Louisville. Members of all faiths are invited to participate in this citywide service that will reflect the religious traditions of those countries devastated by the tsunamis.